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Future of the CHI tutorial program

The Tutorials program at conferences such as CHI and CSCW was once very popular. However, this has changed over the past few years. Attendance has plummeted, and it's no longer clear that there is a sufficient audience for the current Tutorials program. In response to this, fundamental changes are being considered. Now is your chance to weigh in.

1 If you are attending CHI 2004, how many Tutorial units are you taking?
2 Which of the following would lead you to take more tutorial units?
Lower cost
More relevant and interesting topics
Scheduling tutorials during the conference instead of beforehand
More confidence in the quality/content of the tutorial
3 SIGCHI is exploring a variety of tutorial models for CHI and other conferences. How well would these serve your needs, and why?
Fewer tutorials, rotate topics more frequently
"Lower-cost" tutorials with fewer frills (more like presentation-only workshops)
Change to "in-conference tutorials" that are shorter (1 or 2 conference sessions) and part of the main conference program
4 Other ideas for changes to the Tutorials program that would serve your needs better?
5 How valuable would it be to you to have access to tutorial notes (for tutorials you haven't attended) on-line?
Very valuable
Somewhat valuable
Not valuable at all
6 Which best describes your status?
Employed in industry
Employed in academia
Employed by govermnemt
A full time student
7 Does your employer pay for you to attend training events such as Tutorials?
8 Which types of training events have you attended in the past?
Tutorials at CHI
Tutorials at other conferences
Professional training events

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